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Genre: Simulation
Author: Garrett Hoofman
Added On: August 05, 2015 @ 7:09 PM
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You've finally made it through college! Got a fancy diploma from the Unversity de la Artiste.

Now you have to make it in the real world.

Can you survive even a week out of college? Your student loans have been piling up for a while now. Can you even find a job with your new degree?


The game is very moddable. It was written in javascript using the OPengine as a Node.js addon. The scenes in the game are all created via json files and all of the models were created using MagicaVoxel with the qb exporter.


Created by me Garrett Hoofman @ghoofman

With music by Matt Javanshir @mattjavanshir

Thank You

To everyone that helped me test the game to ensure it would run and play smoothly.

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