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Genre: Shooter
Author: William Baker
Added On: July 09, 2015 @ 4:34 PM
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This will be a shooter game, in the style of:

  • Contra,
  • Super C,
  • 1942,
  • Sky Force,
  • G Darius,
  • Gun Star Heroes,
  • Space Herrier,
  • Star Fox

It will have different views for different stages: overhead, side, over-the-shoulder.

Instead of a spaceship or airplane, you will be customizing your own warhorse:

  • Type of horse (foal, quarter, charger) determine base stats
  • Saddles/Carts determine weapon slots
  • Weapons from various eras/themes
  • Wings to unlock flying stages
  • Many aesthetic customizations
  • A stable to save many horses

Think of it as a shooter game for bronies.
Use your customized horse as an avatar on sites like

Four zones are planned for story mode (hopefully can get all done by contest end):

  • Magic forest (think MLP)
  • Western ("real")
  • Horror (unlocks "nightmare" as a horse type)
  • Space (but think Space Mountain)
  • Final boss fight (not a full zone)

More zones in future updates (likely after contest ends).  More horse types and accessories and weapons too.

It will be a 2D game (built in Flash), made up of pre-rendered 3D graphics (rendered in DAZ 3D).
When done, it will be available on Android, (hopefully soon after) iOS, and via browser (hopefully as a Facebook app).
Once zone 1 (magic forest) is operational, I will put a link to it.

For the Twist/theme of Growth, this game features familiar game aspects:

  • Grow your horse's combat power by investing "alien tech" into upgrades.
  • Grow/customize your horse's personality with accessories and custom colors, based on the unlocked zones.
  • Grow your stable of horses, allowing more unique horses for you to customize.
  • Story that allows the addition of more zones and gameplay elements, without breaking the 4th wall.
  • Beating the story won't be the absolute end, so further growth can still have goals and missions.
  • No level cap on any combat aspect.  Want your health at level 400 and your attack at level 5, it'll be allowed.

Visit for the dev blog.