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The Night of Dissolution

The Night of Dissolution
The Night of Dissolution
The Night of Dissolution

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Genre: Platformer
Author: Adrian Lethbridge
Added On: August 06, 2015 @ 9:14 AM
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The Night of Dissolution is a tale between two lovers torn apart by the return of the King of Darkness. As Frank and Julia enjoyed a pleasant stroll within the forest outside the castle gates a strange fog began to pour in through the trees. Though Frank was unaffected his sweet love Julia was afflicted and quickly fell into a deep slumber against a tall Oak Tree. Shocked by the turn of events, Frank rushed in the direction that the fog rolled in. His hopes of finding the source of the fog lead him on a journey full of adventure and discovery. Will his efforts be enough or will they be in vein?


Made in GameMaker: Studio

About Me:

 I am a Game Design Major at William Peace University. Im 20 years old (About to be 21!), and my dream is to be an acccomplished game designer. I made this game on my own and with the help from some of my friends and the internet. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. This was a great learning experience for myself and it was a lot of fun.