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Genre: Adventure
Author: Carl Hain
Added On: August 06, 2015 @ 11:22 AM
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Archipelago is a short single player adventure set on the mysterious planet of Cataria.  Join the dynamic trio of Fluffy, Buffy, and mysterious intruder as they uncover the secrets of a planet inhabited entirely by cats.


The year is 2050 and personal rocket technology is cheap and easily available.  The Rockbach twins build their own rocket with plans of traveling to a mysterious anomaly brought into orbit around the moon by Megacorp.  Their loyal cats, Fluffy and Buffy, while investigating sounds coming from the rocket late one night, discover an intruder and in the ensuing struggle launch it, traveling through the portal.  After running out of fuel, the rocket crashes into the mysterious ocean world of Cataria, a place ruled entirely by cats.  Now the three must find a way back home.

Chapter one of a multipart adventure.

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows


Just unzip and launch the game.exe file to play


  • WASD to move in the world and to navigate menus
  • Q/ESC to open close menus
  • F to interact with other characters and objects
  • E & R (or Page Up & Page Down) to scroll through journal text
  • F1 to change control options and switch between fullscreen and windowed mode
  • Tip: press F on a Journal entry to bring up full screen and then Q/ESC to go back

Made With:

RPG Maker VX Ace