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A Strange Universe

A Strange Universe
A Strange Universe

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Genre: Shooter
Author: Michael
Added On: August 06, 2015 @ 11:38 AM
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"A Strange Universe" is an arcade space shooter with some unique mechanics.

The game follows Captain Flare, his mechanic Chio and the AI Jefrey through the worst mess of their lives.

Piloting an unarmed transport vessel through hordes of imperial marine battle ships, their only chance of survival is a regrowing army of drones bought from "some shady guy". 

Can the drones outgrow the bullet madness?

Will Chio ever have snacks again?

Why are these marine guys attacking anyway?

Find out in: A Strange Universe.


The game was made in one week.

Sound isn't implemented except for the main theme.(Theme not working on IE for some reason. FF ad Chrome are fine.)

Progress is saved automatically. Your save file will only be overwritten if you start a new game and hit the first savepoint. (If you delete your browser data its gone though.)


This little project might have no chance of winning anything, but I'm still proud to have done it on time. It's the first one I did.

I did grow a little in the process for sure, so the theme fits verry well for me.

Just have fun guys.

Thanks for playing,

Michael (StandardRandomRedshirt)