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Genre: Adventure
Author: Charles Cue
Added On: August 06, 2015 @ 1:22 PM
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Homeless is an RPG where you play as homeless children trying to survive against the harsh conditions of the slums. 

"Can you still live in honor in times of struggle and survival?

Up to what extent can you take care of the dearest person left with you?"

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Latest Version: 1.09c (08/07/2015) 
Note: Some Windows Computers may block the .exe game from downloading. Don't worry that is normal for all RPG Maker compressed games.
Note 2: V1.09c are some bug fixes to glitches related to dying. The original version that made the deadline cut is Version 1.09 (accessible through the download link!)

Mac (Wineskin App) (259MB)

Windows (EXE) (47MB)


Play as homeless children, Lucian and Hannah, as you struggle to survive through the harsh conditions of the slums, while raising enough money for food and medicine for both your younger sister, Hannah, and yourself. You may do small jobs in town to earn money, but you may also work with criminals for a bigger sum of money. Will Lucian grow, become stronger and survive in this experience? Or will he and his sister perish in the slums? This game will truly test your decision-making and priorities as well as your strategy to survive and to either build and destroy relationships.

Main Characters

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  • Lucian  - A young boy who became homeless due to series of unfortunate events. He is very playful and loves to make fun of her young sister, Hannah. Despite his somewhat immature attitude, he truly loves his sister so much. He dreams to be a soldier one day.

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  • Hannah - Lucian's younger sister. Full of hope and joy despite her weak condition. She loves her brother so much that she keeps an eye on him with any of his dealings. She makes sure that he wouldn't do anything that would upset their parents. 

Key Features

  • Moral Dilemmas - Will you resort to crime for instant gratification? It might be the only way to keep both Lucian and Hannah alive.
  • Proving Your Worth - You are a homeless person, and you're branded as a criminal, or a drug addict. How will you prove your worth and value to those who don't see it in you?
  • Responsibility for Characters - Your responsibility for the people around you determines how they treat you back in return. Will you focus developing a relationship for a possible long-term gain? Or will they just use you for their own gain?

Controls (Keyboard)

  • Arrow Keys - Move
  • Left Shift + Arrow Keys - Run
  • Esc - Menu
  • Z/Enter - select
  • X - back
  • S - skip dialogue
  • A - show dialogue log


The application of the theme can be seen on Lucian's character growth in the game. This highlights his transition from being a spoiled carefree teenager into a serious adult with crucial responsibilities.

The overall plot of the story also revolves around growth. Different parties see growth of the town in a different way, which results in conflicts.

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Charles Cue

Charles Cue

Ellie Licuanan

Story and Dialogue:
Charles Cue
Ellie Licuanan

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