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The Last Journey

The Last Journey

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Genre: Action
Author: karcseszka85
Added On: August 06, 2015 @ 5:14 PM
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The Last Journey

A Sci-fi story of an amnesic hero, aboard the spacefaring vessel Orion.

You are the hero, prematurely thawed out of cryosleep, to help a ship in need!

My first game ever so fingers crossed.

I tried to make it easy but if you die, try grinding/exploring/talking to people. They can help you upgrade.

I hope you guys will enjoy playing it.

PS.: I've uploaded it on Google Drive.If it doesn't download at first(could happen) just keep trying. If it says error or something just ignore it and try again it will wake up.

It is downloadable by anyone(I made it public). Enjoy.

Best wishes.