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Genre: Action
Author: Autofire
Added On: August 06, 2015 @ 6:03 PM
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The world spins as you come to. As your eyes adjust to the darkness of your environment, you find your hat. Donning your trusty headpiece, you realize that there's only one explanation...Smoke, the Magician of Mirrors, must have thrown you into his basement! The twisted fellow loves to watch mages like yourself stumble through his maze-like basement. To make matters worse, the basement is littered with illusions of Smoke, known and Mirrors, which will blast anything which does not wear a top hat! Can you make it out in one piece?

The idea behind the game is that you can put almost any mechanic you want, put it in a game, and make it work. This is an attempt to make math work very well, even for those who hate math. (Indeed, if you do, I pity you; you must have been influenced by all the wrong people when you were at school!) All I ask of you is the play this game with an open mind! Indeed, I hope to grow your appreciation of a totally misrepresented subject while giving a fun time!

You must have a Numpad to play this game! This is a rather unfortunate limiation, and I would make a workaround if I had time...heck, I'd make the game playable on a gamepad if I had the time!

All the versions (Includes Linux and Mac versions! Download the lowest ones in the list. Note that the Linux and Mac versions will have been uploaded AFTER the deadline, but I garuntee you that they are indeed the same version as the Windows one, which I made sure to upload earlier.) Important note: On Windows, you may get a notification that there is no known publisher! This is unfortunately not something I can easily fix, as I think it would involve getting certified by Microsoft.

I can prove that I began development of this game after the contest's announcement. (My first commit on Github be enough proof.)


  • Autofire: All design, most of the code, most of the art, and all of the sounds.
  • Frogatto Team (DDR, Jetrel, Vultraz, and others): For allowing me to use their fonts, dialog boxes, and some of their underlying scripts from their game. Also, these guys made the engine.
  • Halcyonic Falconx: The rad guy who made some music and gave it away in the The Open Game Art Bundle. This game uses four of his songs.
  • And my many testers. Thank you all for your valuable feedback.

Tools used:

  • Anura: The engine used to create Frogatto. (Which is by some of the guys behind the strategy game, Battle for Wesnoth.) I will warn others that this is a rather niche engine; it is excellent for those who want to code yet don't want to have to create all the underlying stuff. While the engine itself is still experiencing some growing pains, it's coming along quite fast! Be warned that Anura lacks support for encryption and probably never will support it! This means you cannot use your asset packs that you got from the Humble Bundle!
  • GIMP: That delightful and free alternative to Photoshop. I've found the colormaping functionality to be especially helpful when creating sprites. The no-nonsense layering is also a huge plus.
  • Audacity: An easy-to-use sound editor. I used it to refine the sounds made with...
  • Bfxr: A sound generator. I admit that my skill with the program isn't as good as it could be. frown
  • Git and Github: An excellent duo. There have been times where I've screwed up some code and didn't find out about it until it was too late to hit the undo button! Git solved this by easily letting me make save states of my work that I could revert to whenever things went wrong; it helped me throw caution (mostly) to the wind and just try stuff! It worked marvelously! Github gave a means of not only syncing my progress between my two computers, but also to let those who work on Anura (the Frogatto Team) quickly look at my work without me having to package a new zip.
  • http://media.io/: Only because Halcyonic Falconx's songs were mp3 files, but Anura only accepts ogg files.