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Genre: RPG
Author: CountBleck
Added On: August 06, 2015 @ 7:38 PM
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Do you have brute strength? Are you good at developing strategies? Do you just want to punch someone in the face?

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  • Two forms of attack: melee and ranged
    • Melee attacks deal more damage, but increase damage taken for that turn.
    • Ranged attacks deal less damage, but don't leave you vulnerable.
  • Timed button presses that are rewarding without being mandatory to beat the game.
  • Equippable items called runes that give you an extra effect, whether it be giving you a new skill in battle or an increase in HP/MP.
    • You only have 4 slots, so you have to think about how you'll set up your runes carefully.
  • An engrossing story that draws you in.


Maker Systems - RPG Maker Source: Windowskin

Gyrowolf: Music

Yanfly: Core, Battle, and Menu System

V.M. of D.T.: Enemy HP Bars

Fomar: Equipment Skills and Custom Equipment Slots

Szyu: Item Crafting System

Galv: Timed Button Attacks

And the RPG Maker community as a whole!

Also, I'd really appreciate some feedback. Rip the game in half, tear it apart, and burn it or whatever just as long as I know how I can improve next time.