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Pinball Warlords

Pinball Warlords
Pinball Warlords

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Genre: Action
Author: Kill0byte
Added On: August 06, 2015 @ 8:44 PM
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Pinball Warlords is a local 2 player head-to-head battle game set in a pinball-like arena. Balls spawn randomly in the center and players use their flippers to fling the balls at each other. There is also a gravity well in the center of the board that messes with the ball's trajectory. First person to miss 10 balls loses. Players can either use the keyboard (P1 uses left/right arrows, P2 uses A/D keys) or you can connect 2 gamepads to your computer and use the Left/Right shoulder buttons. You can't currently mix and match gamepad and keybord controls, but that will be fixed shortly. There are also touch controls if you happen to be playing the game on a touch screen. tapping either the left or right side of the screen near your paddles will activate that player's paddles.

The game is pretty barebones at the moment so we could get it done in time for the contest deadline as we got started fairly late. Some features we would like to add are different boards to play on, a 4 player mode, online multiplayer, leaderboards, AI players, better graphics, sound, animation and music, We're going to continue to develop the game but we hope this prototype is enjoyable enough that you'll vote for us. Thanks!