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King of Greed

King of Greed

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Genre: RPG
Author: Joshua Marlowe
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 12:59 AM
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This is my game, King of Greed. It's an RPG where, unbeknownst to the characters in the plot but known to you, your attacks grow stronger the more money you have on hand. This raises a dilemma: do you keep a bank's worth of cash on hand at all times while wearing rags and hitting enemies with sticks, or do you lose the power boost for better gear? 

The story takes place in an unnamed kingdom: the King has died and has left his displaced son, Gian, his fortune. Unfortunately because of his poor skills as king, he has left the land in what's equivilant to the Great Depression. Now, wanting to better the lives of the people in the kingdom, Gian goes on a quest gathering a few allies along the way to try and claim what he thinks belongs to him.

As for the theme of growth, I have decided to place it here with the submission of the game (49 words):

My game embodies growth in a few ways. First, it shows obvious gameplay growth as an RPG, as the characters level up and grow through the story. Second, your growth of money changes the way you play. Lastly, the game shows how I've personally grown as a game designer.

I ask that you do play my game and try it out. I'll be the first to admit: it's shorter than your average RPG. But I think that it's one of the best games I've made throughout my career in Computer Science. If you want to leave criticisms, keep it proper in both grammar and attitude please. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy my game.


P.S. Big thanks to the many people who helped me out on the RPG Maker Forums!

 EDIT: New download available! Turns out that the bandits fight wouldn't happen like it should, so I fixed that up. With that bug out of the way, HERE is the definitive version.