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Genre: Shooter
Author: xVirtu
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 3:08 AM
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Unleash bullet hell upon your foes! From the same team behind The Day of Reassembly, SUBVERTIGO is a 360º topdown shooter about collecting and customizing your ship on the fly with numerous add-ons. Fight your way through 10 randomly selected levels with increasing difficulty: start without any special abilities and earn powerful new weapons as you go.

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  • More than 15 varieties of charismatic enemies and useful weapons to collect!
  • A level pool with around 25 different levels sorted by difficulty! Playthroughs are likely to be different!
  • Become overpowered and face ridiculous bosses!
  • Rocking electronic music by talented artists! (who generously made their music available royalty-free)
  • Two difficulty levels: the easier Casual Mode and the brutal Hardcore Mode!
  • Synthesized voices!

We worked hard on this during the whole month! Hopefully you'll have fun with it! :)

All feedback is tremendously appreciated!

If you experience low FPS:

Please try this tweaked version at our MediaFire mirror: Subvertigo Speedhack Mirror

It's exactly the same game, though, so it should work just like the default download, possibly with performance boosts. We chose not to put this mirror as the main download as it might be less stable.