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The Absent Crown

The Absent Crown
The Absent Crown
The Absent Crown
The Absent Crown

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Genre: RPG
Author: Ben
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 3:37 AM
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Test your tactical skills with over an hour of challenging fights. Play as Erica, Gralkor, the shy War Cleric Joan and a boy named after a thigh bone as they try to save the Emperor!


It’s a tough job being Guard Captain to the most incompetent Emperor in a generation. It’s even worse when he’s your father. So when your brother - the Prince - suggests diplomatic talks with the neighbouring Orcs, you draft in every single member of your Throne Guard to make sure nothing goes wrong. A great plan, until your guardsmen turn against you and kidnap your family.

Well then, Guard Captain, what’s Plan B? Play to find out!


  • Every battle is individually designed - no random encounters or grinding.
  • 24 distinct abilities across 4 unique characters - work out the best strategy to win.
  • 1.5~ Hours of Gameplay - follow the journey of Guard Captain Erica to save the Emperor.
  • Team up with Gralkor, Joan and Femur and watch them grow into true heroes.
  • An obligatory Sewer Level! (Rats included.)


  • Erica: The Loyal Knight. When her own guardsmen kidnap the Emperor, it's up to her to save the day.
  • Gralkor: The Court Sorcerer. He's contractually obliged to help, so sarcasm is high on the agenda.
  • Joan: A Cleric of the Goddess of War. She is, however, quite shy. That's not what they meant by "Bashful", Joan!
  • Femur: A boy named after a thigh bone and unable to speak in proper sentences. Good with knives.
  • Good luck defending the Empire with this rag-tag bunch!