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People Pleaser

People Pleaser

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Genre: Puzzle
Author: Cory Anderson
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 4:25 AM
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Ten people. Ten stories. Ten choices.

You have ten rounds of social armaggedon to survive. Every round you send out a response to the distant souls that call upon you. Everyone will listen. Not everyone will like what they hear. Their hope will flag, whatever hope they have left.

Lose everyone, and you lose the game.

But, people need you. People come to you. You wouldn't let them down, would you?

 Who will you talk to? Who will you give your undivided attention?

Because, you can't please everyone. You're going to have to choose.

People Pleaser is not a long game. I've recently undergone a fascination with short, meaningful titles. That is what People Pleaser aspires to be. A game about many things, but first and foremost: capturing the chaos of relationships, lives, and the whirlwind of society when you play an important role. When we stand in the center of a storm for that brief moment, and can change its axis.

It is about prioritizing, sympathy, life choices, and that special place in time when we face change. Because, that is when people come to you, whoever you are. When they're lives are changing. In turmoil. Indecisive. Discomforted. When people are forced to grow. (Did I say that loud enough?)

People Pleaser is also about old television quality and strange transmissions. Yep. Pretty much the kitchen sink here.

Me and my specially selected team of really cool people hope you enjoy, laugh (this is indie, dang it) and maybe feel something. 

We happily present,

and hope you make the good choices as you enjoy,

People Pleaser.

-Cory Anderson