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ashugh - աշուղ

ashugh - աշուղ

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Genre: Puzzle
Author: Hayko Koryun
Added On: July 10, 2015 @ 7:48 AM
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ashugh takes you on a melodic journey through the forest where a seedling is just starting to grow, and the little one needs your help!

give it water and minerals to help it grow and protect it from insects through continuous rotations of the four seasons

  • - see the tree growing in front of your eyes, from just a tiny seedling into a beautiful blooming tree swaying in the wind
  • - watch as seasons bring colours to the forest and affect how the tree grows, spring full of vitality and a winter that's freezing cold!
  • - listen to melodies inspired by the great artist Komitas with each breath the tree takes

As well as the full Unity3D version, you can check out a web demo


Disclaimer: even though the competition deadline has lapsed, a continously updated web version of the game can be found @ http://ashugh.com