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Terminal Fate

Terminal Fate
Terminal Fate
Terminal Fate
Terminal Fate
Terminal Fate
Terminal Fate

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Genre: RPG
Author: Zak A
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 5:36 AM
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Even when dying from cancer Leo never thought about Hell. It is not until a demon with his own agenda approaches Leo, does Leo get a second chance at life...by going to hell!

This is a game made by my brother and I in RPG Maker VX Ace. With almost all of the graphical assets made from scratch (bar a few columns here and there), this Not-Horror RPG will look fresh to many. The story tells of a man who has terminal cancer (a not visible growth) and will die within a few months. He is offered salvation by a demon only if he will retrieve an object for him from The Underworld/Hell. The player has to go through 3 dungeons, all with different niches (Ice, Decay, and Fear/Time) and battle monsters which look like they came out of a horror game but then someone poured some Earhtbound/Mother 3 on them. With ferocious enemies that you can not take seriously and parallax battlebacks, RPG fans will enjoy this game. All enemy Battlers and Parallax backgrounds as well as most tiles are made by the 2 of us working on this game. One thing to note is that we did not start until after the first week so this was completed in 3 weeks! Not everything we wanted to have in there made it.Hope you all enjoy the game and give us some feedback. With enough positive and constructive feedback we will continue to improve the game regardless of the contest, and if people like what we were able to throw together.

Game Difficulty

  • Early in each dungeon enemies can be do or die, so players may have to be a bit more meticulous when grinding, and always explore to get helpful items
  • We wanted to make a slightly more difficult game that people did not run through, but also NOT something that people would lose interest due to overwhelming grinding. Let us know what you think about the enemy difficulties, and keep in mind you are essentially a dying man in a demonic world with the odds stacked against you, so you must stay determined to survive and overcome fate! 

Game Keys

  • Use the Enter key to inspect objects or to go forward in a menuscreen
  • Use Arrows for movement
  • Use Escape for the menu screen as well as to go back in a menuscreen

For any updates including the most recent bug-free version visit my website : http://terminalfategame.yolasite.com/

Edit: It has come to my attention that there is a bug. The lost Spirit enemy in the East Entrance (which is optional to battle) cannot be run into or it will crash due to a script error (forgot 1 space). Since I cannot reupload, I wanted to let people know. Anything else that is found, please let me know. I can send you an updated link if you want. Please use my site for the most updated version. This will essentially be the same as what is submitted but without bugs (or less bugs lol).