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A Very Left RPG

A Very Left RPG
A Very Left RPG

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Genre: RPG
Author: Ben Vincent
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 11:34 AM
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Story: One day Zinko, Bob, Zinko's mom and Emilt were playing Super Smash Bros for the N64 when suddenly Buttholemcgee kidnapped Emilt so he won't be killed by his boss. You save Emilt by traveling through some worlds to reach ButtCheek's castle

Zinko: A kid who loves playing video games with his friends. He claims that he doesn't like his mom's company. Secretly he likes mom's company when playing video games.

Bob: A kid who loves to program games, anti-virus software, viruses and more.

Pauline: Zinko's mom. She loves to spend time with her son: Zinko. 

Emilt: A Kid that likes to play video games with Zinko. SHe also like Softball but she perfers video games.

Buttholemcgee: Something that is butt ugly. He kidnapped Emilt. He will die in the next 5 years because everything in his species dies at the age of 555.

ButtCheek: It is not seen in game however he is obscurely referenced in the letter that Emilt leaves you. He is Buttholemcgee's boss.