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Inochi no Ki

Inochi no Ki
Inochi no Ki

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Genre: Adventure
Author: Scott loveless
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 11:48 AM
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A young ninja comes to in a forest-head pounding, his abdomen seeped in blood. This is just the beginning of his tale.

The game features fast paced action as you learn about 'Akira'- and why he would betray his clan, why his memories are gone and what exactly is this "seed" that people seem so interested in.

Unravel the mysteries in Inochi no Ki- and kick some serious butt!


A-Initiate Attack(bump into enemies to damage them.)

S-Dash Strike

D-Ranged Strike

Q- Tool Switch

E-Element Switch

1-3 Use elemental powers

4- Use Tool ability.

-Ethereal Team