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Genre: Shooter
Author: José Luis Moreno Durán
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 12:06 PM
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Growing Anger is a classic shooter style game with a fresh and 3D approach. The game features X.813-AZ709, a robot soldier who seeks for revenge against the Universal Federation, a galactic empire which decided to discontinue and destroy the X.813 robotic soldier series.

In Growing Anger the player controls X.813-AZ709 through a randomly generated space station called Theia. Each time the player starts the game, he will face a different outline and also randomly generated enemy waves with growing difficulty. The player will also face different bosses and will be able to pick power ups that will drop from the enemies and will increase the player's power.

The team that developed Growing Anger consists in just three people that were eager to start their own videogame project and saw the Indie Game Making Contest as a great oportunity to start a brand new project. We have developed our own engine based in Java libGDX libraries and built the game upon it. In our team, Sergio Ordoñez Perez and José Luis Moreno Durán are in charge of programming and game design, and Victor Poderoso de Moya is the 3D designer and sprite and 3D modeler.