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Hungry Man

Hungry Man
Hungry Man

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Genre: Platformer
Author: Havie
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 1:17 PM
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Hungry Man is an action puzzle platformer in a slightly retro style.  Original idea from my 8 year old who helped (and hindered the development process).

In the game, the evil Doctor Pepper has stolen away your sweet heart and surprise, surprise, it's your job to go and rescue her.  Along the way there's lots of jumping on platforms, avoiding of bad guys and most importantly - eating of burgers.  Every burger you eat makes you grow a little which is fine except when you need to squeeze into gaps to eat - strategic planning of burger munching is essential if you are to save your sweet heart.

Programmed completely from scratch in Stencyl (which I had never used before 3 weeks ago - thanks to Humble Bundle) and with complete copyright free graphics and sound.

A big thank yo to free sound for providing an amazing library to choose from and http://www.nosoapradio.us/ for some amazing pieces of music!

Well there you are!  Controls are simple - arrows/WASD/num pad to move and CTRL, z, SPACE to jump.  If you get tored of the music - M turns it off (and on again) and if you get stuck on a screen through poor eating strategy then press R to restart the level.


P.S.  I knw some of the graphics are a bit rough and frankly I should have made Hungry Man big and shrunk to aviod blur as he grows but frankly it was a miracle I'v got this finished.

P.P.S.  Fingers crossed for no game breaking bugs...