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To Rise Again

To Rise Again

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Genre: RPG
Author: Brandon Rizo
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 1:47 PM
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Title: To Rise Again

Team Name: Naga Den Games

Gameplay: To Rise Again is an RPG Adventure game.


Luz Gaius is whisked away to a dying world months
after her father's death. There she must restore
the power of an ancient artifact in order to save
the land and learn of her father's past.

Game Features:


Yesenia Coughlin: Project leader and creative director.
Responsible for plot, story content, dialogue,
and design elements.
Brandon Rizo: Game designer. Responsible for programming,
level design and all technical aspects.

Link provided is a link to our google drive folder. To play the game unzip the file and run "Game Test.exe", this will start a wizard that will allow you to pick a destination to unpack the game files. After the files have been unpacked go to the destination folder and run "Game.exe". 

Thank you for playing our first ever game. We look forward
to your feedback.