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Genre: RPG
Author: Khouram Hussain
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 1:48 PM
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Without going too much into the story, Purgatory is a game about revenge, loss and as humans, how we deal with it.
The twist is featured in the game, but not wanting to spoil anything, the GROWTH Twist will be pretty clear to those who play the game fully. As the player, is faced with a choice.

The game features untraditional mechanics for a RPG, such as; the player cannot level up, and attacks cost HP (Health). In addition to that, the game is extremely difficult, so strategy is a must to survive.

Aside from that, the game also features music, that I personally made for the game.
The music is very horror inspired and is quite menacing and dark.

I would of loved to have featured custom made graphics for the game, as well as scripts, but unfortunately, I could not for personal reasons handle the work load. 

The game makes use of the graphics provided with RPG Maker, and the whole game comprises of the eventing system only. 

Being my first ever game, I was overwhelmed with the things I had to do, not to mention learning how to use the RPG Maker itself. 

However, It was made a lot more easier for me, due to RPG Maker, having an awesome community with a wealth of tutorials and information.

If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have submitted anything. 

So a special thanks to the RPG Maker community! They're awesome! :')

As already mentioned, this being my first game, feedback will be greatly appreciated. ^_^

Thank you!

Installing/downloading the game.

1. Download exe from above, which will redirect you to DropBox, then click "Download". (If a DropBox pop-up occurs when selecting download, click on the link at the bottom of the pop up, which says; "No thanks, continue to download") 

2. Run exe.

3. Extract folder to desired location.

4. Open the folder and run the application.

5. ENJOY! :')

To launch the game in full screen.

  1. Right click the game tile bar window, and select "properties", then select "Launch in Full Screen". 
  2. Reset the game.




Special thanks to:


The Humble Bundle


The RPG Maker community.