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Banana Mist

Banana Mist
Banana Mist
Banana Mist
Banana Mist
Banana Mist
Banana Mist

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Genre: RPG
Author: Malinda Lindmark
Added On: July 07, 2015 @ 3:39 PM
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Banana Mist is a short 1 player 2D JRPG game. A mysterious yellow mist spread through the kingdom. None of the forest's inhabitants seem to know where it comes from. Can you solve the mystery of the BANANA MIST?

Game Features:

  • Explore a fantasy world were nothing is what it seems.
  • Three different ending. 
  • Full voice acting for every character in the game.
  • Amazing graphics with millions of colors in full 2D.
  • Great original music for exciting gameplay.

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows.



Malinda Lindmark (Project leader, programmer, game writer, composer and level designer)

Mattias Andersson (Sound engineer, voice actor, composer)

Frida Shanti Bohlin (Creative director, voice actor)

Olivia Bohlin (Voice actor and singer)

Saga Nyström (Voice actor and singer)

Claes Jensen (Voice actor)

Contact us: linda@marcushome.se



Version 1.1
- The mist is no longer visible at ending 1
- There is now snow on the credits screen of ending 3
- When the mist is thick and the player walks to the top
of the village the mist gets thin again. This is now fixed.
- If the Jaugular is slain the player character says that
the Jaugular guards the entrance on her way to the
stairs even thought the Jaugular isn´t there any more.
This is now fixed.
- If the player talks to the Captain in the Pub a second
time the color is no longer missing on the Captains name.
- If the player fights with the Ogre after the mist has
grown and flees from the cave the mist returns to normal
when it should stay thick. This is now fixed.

Version 1.01
- Found a solution to why RPG Maker didn´t want to play my ship music. It was because I called the file ship.mp3. It works now!

Version 1.0:
- New treasure chest added on a hard to find location.
- Save feature disabled due to use of save points instead.
- Fires are now animated.
- Battle formation disabled.
- Two items and two NPCs that should have.
disapeared, came back. This is now fixed.
- Fixed sound bug for an item.
- New titel screen added.
- Solved a bug that caused ending one.
to have wrong sound and graphics.
- Changed the credits screen.
- Added new feature. Mist is growing!
- Fixed sound bug for quick travel.
- Added a feature to sleep in beds at the inn.
- Solved a bug with a stair that led inside a wall!
- Added a tutorial on how to use potions in the inn.
- Made it possible to change to armor graphics on the character.
- Added antidote to the shop.
- Added sleep sound to intro.
- Solved a bug with a NPC that didn´t go away when changing rooms.