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Dark Memories

Dark Memories

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Genre: Adventure
Author: Winston Nguyen
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 2:19 PM
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A high school student, Nathan, is harassed every week by gangsters from the school. He stays back from school twice a week for several hours to do 'chores' for the bullies such as acing their assignments.

One day he meets Joel and Rocco and they become very close friends. They team up and fight back against the gangsters, but figuring ways to outsmart them, rather than go head to head combat (a battle which they will surely lose). This is a story driven game with minimal gameplay. 

Main Characters

Notes when playing the game:

-Do NOT use the menu (ESC button) except for saving the game.

-Save the game frequently in case of bugs

-You might see characters disappear or pop out of nowhere... those are minor bugs and most likely won't affect the game. If something does, please let me know ^^