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The Notebooker

The Notebooker
The Notebooker

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Genre: Platformer
Author: Jason Young
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 2:24 PM
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The Notebooker is a standard platformer that gets more difficult as time goes on. The world exists on a sheet of notebook paper with doodled platforms and enemies. The enemies are trying to prevent you from advancing but with your well timed jumps and attacks, you will be able to get through the world. Don't give in! Keep persevering and honing your skills until you're finally able to clear all three worlds!

Engine: Stencyl with Box 2D


W: Jump

A: Left Movement

D: Right Movement

Mouse: Aim

Left Click: Fire

About Us:

This is our first game and we don't have any experience. We heard about the contest on the last day of the Humble Bundle and have worked non-stop to get it up and running. We hope you enjoy everything we have done. Our goal is to provide a challenging game that rewards you with that warm fuzzy feeling inside upon completion. Please let us know what you think. :) 

The growth text file is attached as the second screenshot. Please don't read it until you have played the game. :) 


Jason and Nasser