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Genre: Action
Author: Andrew McKellar
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 2:54 PM
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A top-down point and click action game built in Unity.


  1. Randomly generated Dungeons and Equipment
  2. 3 Classes to play, each with unique skills
  3. Diablo/MOBA style gameplay
  4. Character stat and weapon customization

As a note, there are "Crystals" you use to apply custom stats or features to your weapons and armor, although the the stat ones (STR+, or Power, etc) are obvious, there are a couple that might be a bit harder to figure out, here's a list:

Teleport Uses instant teleport instead of Dash.
Healthy Health Regen speed +1%
Active Energy Regen speed +2%
Immovable Can't be knocked back
Reach Attack hit radius +10%
Concentration Attack duration +20%
Accurate Projectile speed +20%
Invulnerable When Dashing can't be damaged
Master 10%/per point of blocked damage isn't blocked
Swift Slow effects don't affect you
Acuity Slow time effect is 10% slower
Resilient Poison effects are reduced for each point
Deadly Increase duration of the poison by 0.5s per point
Dash How far a Dash takes you, +1 for each point
Focused Can't be interrupted
Athlete Increases move speed by 0.5 per point