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Rosco VS The Aliens

Rosco VS The Aliens
Rosco VS The Aliens
Rosco VS The Aliens

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Genre: Action
Author: KHRS
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 2:58 PM
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Rosco VS the Aliens is a crude comedy RPG that follows the story of Rosco, an alcoholic duck that gets abducted by aliens after leaving his apartment. RVTA is a "parody" of older Japanese RPGs such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior. RVTA throws out all of the formalities that were established by these games. The main character, Rosco, is very crude, apathetic and is not your typical hero. After being abducted Rosco meets some very interesting characters in his quest to save the Earth and avoid being eaten by the leader of the aliens, Lord Zendarl.

RVTA's gameplay borrows from games such as Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. QTEs are mixed into the traditional RPG gameplay to break up the monotony that is associated with this video game genre. RVTA does not feature an extraordinarily in-depth combat or mechanic system as it was designed to be a short game as opposed to JRPGs that tend to last 40+ hours. While not meant to revolutionize the RPG genre, RVTA was designed to give players approximately an hour of fun gameplay, humorous characters and cutscenes, and a relatively endearing story.

Disclaimer: RVTA features language that may not be suitable for everyone. While there is no sexually or racially offensive speech used, RVTA features strong language that may offend some players.