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Genre: Simulation
Author: Cory Burns
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 2:59 PM
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HomeSide is the tale of a boy who grows into a man, not by fighting monsters or conjuring demons but by simply rising to the task of saving the family farm and helping the mayor revive the barren farm town by helping your fellow townsfolk.


  • Spend in game currency to unlock more shops and stores in game!
  • - Build relationships with your villagers and marry one of the four eligible women!
  • - Villagers have daily routines!
  • - Run and sprint but make sure to refill your energy bar
  • - Grow vegetables and plants at your farm
  • - Fishing!
  • - Attend festivals throughout the year!
  • - Raise chickens and cattle!
  • - And more!

Scripts By:

Tiles and Graphics by:

Title Screen:
Kristina Reddmann

Aaron Krogh

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New Promotion 8/10/15:

RJS has put together a neat little list with some Kickstarter-esque stretch goals for voting, the way this works is when the votes are reached we will do what is listed via the image below, this promotion ends when IGMC 2015 voting ends so make sure to cast your vote for HomeSide! More info will be released concerning this promotion in the near future so make sure to follow our twitter account for the latest!

  • 100th Vote Unlocked!

To celebrate our 100th Vote we have made the V1 Players Guide available for free!  Getting stuck trying to impress one of the ladies or growing crops? you can find some ways to clear your roadblocks in this guide!

HomeSide Players Guide by Rookie jet Studio

Download the Guide Here

  • 200th Vote Locked

Vote us up to 200 in order to participate in an Original Homeside T-shirt Giveaway!