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Genre: Simulation
Author: xCept
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 3:09 PM
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A care-free sandbox-like simulator where you can relax your mind by planting otherworldly trees!

THEME (GROWTH): Bring life to an otherwise stagnant world by planting seeds and watching them flourish into gorgeous trees.


  • Trees are dynamically generated on-the-fly, infinite possibilities
  • Watch the trees magically sprout from tiny seeds in seconds
  • Different procedural methods for placing leaves and multiple types
  • Customize the colors of the leaves and branches in real-time
  • Adjust the leaf density to create everything from decayed to plush
  • Walk to various surreal areas and create awe-inspiring tree arangements
  • Save any given scene as a photo (saved to My Documents > From A Little Seed)



  • A (LEFT ARROW)......Walk Left
  • D (RIGHT ARROW).....Walk Right
  • ...........Plant Tree at Current Location


  • LEFT-CLICK..........Change Color 1
  • RIGHT-CLICK.........Change Color 2
  • MIDDLE-CLICK........Change Color 1 and Color 2 to same color

   NOTE: When Color 1 & Color 2 are different, the leaves and branch pieces will cycle between them


  • You can adjust the colors of leaves and branches while a tree is still growing.
  • Create beautiful gradient effects by dragging the pressed mouse around color wheel when growing a tree.
  • Try holding in the middle-mouse button and moving back-and-forth around a particular shade when growing a tree.
  • Stay in the same place and plant multiple trees of different shades for great layered effects
  • Most aspects of the tree generation are randomized for more varied and unpredictable creations


  • More user-available options could be established such as controlling leaf variant and general tree size
  • More scenes and tree types (including other experimental generation techniques, symetrical fractals, etc.)
  • Not optimized for ultra-high resolution displays; users of 1440p+ may experience smaller tree renders than 1080p and below.
  • The tree generation may appear corrupt on some devices (investigating).


Developed in a very short window of time as a jam session for the Indie Game Contest 2015 (

Concept and Programming: Matthew Pilz (xCept) -

Programming Platform: App Game Kit V2 -

Background Music: "The Snow Queen" (CC) by Kevin Macleod -

Main Character: Game Character Hub: -

Background Media: Filter Forge 5:

Sound Effects: ObsydianX (Wesley Wyatt)

Other Media: In-house and Assorted Royalty Free Sources