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Genre: Adventure
Author: TEETH
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 3:24 PM
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Note: This is a contest version of the game. For the official version, please go to the link below.

ENTROPY is a surreal RPG maker game with custom music and graphics.


Play as Nonec and Bread, two friends who try to find meaning in the ever expanding universe. Nonec, a tall neck-less being with a blob-like squishy head spends most of her time comfortably, if not a bit bored, in her cube room in the void with her mass collection of scissors. Meanwhile, Bread, a guard for the royal Bunny Kingdom, is constantly in fear of the new inhabitants of her world, the Faceless. Taller than the Bunny Kingdom, the Faceless are beings devoid of any characteristics who feast on the small bunny inhabitants.

Let's play god!

Download the official version here.