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Prime Party: Project 1955

Prime Party: Project 1955
Prime Party: Project 1955
Prime Party: Project 1955
Prime Party: Project 1955

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Genre: Action
Author: blvckghost
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 3:55 PM
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Hey guys, I just wanted to say, thank you IGMC for hosting this contest. And while making this game it was a big challenge!

 It is the year 2060 and within 50 days of your present time, devastation will occur all around the world. You are a top secret militant agent who has been training for the past 6 months specificially for this mission. Scientists have found a way to replinish this disaster, they believe there will be a artificial intelligent who will wipe out all life on earth and the only way to prevent this is to travel back through time and stopping it from ever being created. While in the past you will discover what has been left behind, but it is you to decide whether to know or not! 

Experience a short true interactive story line and world within this game.

Use a miniture time machine device to manipulate time and space (reverse, stop, normal)

Battle the enemies with a ready combat system

Interactive Dialogue System

Interactive with the objects in your environment

Enrich the ambient and sound effects of the scene

*Remember to read the dialogue or you will get lost!

*Doors with a green slip can be opened!

*Please do try side quests and the main story line, please note that the gameplay will be short and also not too many side quests too!

WASD Controls - Move around

Mouse - Look around

Space Bar - Jump

Ctrl - Crouch

Shift - Sprint

Time Travel Options

Use the NUMBER PAD keys from 0 to 2 to control time, make sure NumLock is at its appropriate settings, inorder to make this work

0 - Stop Time

1 - Normal Time

2 - Reverse Time

"Choose your path to destiny"

Note: Please remember that this is a early build version and was built within the 1 month peroid, so please expect bugs and glitches! I plan to improve the game further on, if I get any feedback!