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Genre: Shooter
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 4:22 PM
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As a silent master of the funky ways from Afromeda you have to fight the alien menace against you. You must get rid of them and their unfunky ways once and for all.. and bring the funk back to the universe!

AFROMEDA is a 2D Vertical Shooter set in space. Our take on the twist of growth is that when the player defeats the first boss, the boss takes the funk away from the universe. You must fight to get it back again the alien forces and with your help, the funk will grow from there.


W A S D - movement

Left Mouse Button - primary fire

Space - alternative fire (tip: hold for better effect!)

Esc - pause game

R - restart level


Lead Developer: Callum 'DISCOMAN' Carr
Music, SFX, Gameplay Testing, Additional Design: Benjamin 'Scythuz' Carr
Artists: Amysaurus, Hiddenone, Michael Rookard, Sherman3d, Pieterator

Game Engine: GameMaker Studio Professional edition created by Yoyo Games Ltd

The game has a bug upon pausing sometimes; a window will pop up stating that there is a bug. You can safely press the 'Ignore' button on this window and keep playing as you would normally without any trouble. This will not affect gameplay, only the pausing. Unfortunately we could not fix this on time for the IGMC 2015 deadline. Sorry!

If you'd like an updated version of the game, you can find it here: