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New City, New Challenges

New City, New Challenges

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Genre: RPG
Author: Cassandra Castro
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 4:56 PM
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Plata, a girl whose dream is to tackle down every person's troubles, arrives with her dear friend, Ar, at their next destination, the next city that would have it's problems dealt by the Silver Girl.

About the Game:

Though this game was developed in RPG MAKER, it was not intended as an RPG. There are fights on the game, but they're not the interesting part of it. I envisioned this game as a "what if" of sorts. What if you let your troubles go unchecked for too long? How do they grow and evolve? That's the main idea of the game. Sadly, I was unable to end the game as I wanted it, due to the one month limit. It ended being a very small game, but I hope it becomes an enjoyable experience.