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Block Survivor

Block Survivor

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Genre: Platformer
Author: Alfred Ye
Added On: August 07, 2015 @ 9:15 PM
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It is a game I put together in my spare time in two weeks. Bullet Sprites thanks to Zerorunner67 on DeviantArts.com. SoundFX from Nero1024 on vg-resource.com and Megaman X4.

It's a simple Block Survivor. You can run, jump, dash, wall jump, and shoot and charge. There are two type of enemies, yellow calm enemies, and red sprinters which will sprint towards you. You want to survive as long as possible, but you must kill enemies to extend your time.

The game start with 5 min, every time you kill all normal enemies, the time is increased by 5s, every time killing all sprinters, time increase 10s. It's getting harder as every time you kill all, more will spawn. 

There is no help, no guide, no recovery item and unlimited enemies. How long can you survive before your time or HP runs out?