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Genre: Action
Author: joaquin de miguel
Added On: July 11, 2015 @ 10:03 AM
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EDIT 02/08/2015
I made a HOW TO PLAY
edit 01/08/2015
graphics changes.
finishing touches on the demo ....
I hope I can be available to download and try on Monday
follows the blog to find out about progress
edit 26/07/2015
first gameplay of my entry.
i´m working for change some graphics and sound.
next step....upload a demo version.
thanks for watching.
edit 15/07/2015
Two scientists.
4 lasers.
items that change your shooting or the enemy .... not care to take the item you increase the firepower of your enemy.
items that change your speed or your enemy ....
items that change the controls ... yours or your enemy.

shots that bounce ....
explosions ....
4 types of shot.
3 types of items, with multiple results
many levels to combat.

do not lose sight.
you'll want to compete with your friends.
still no download link