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Project Gemini

Project Gemini
Project Gemini
Project Gemini

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Genre: Puzzle
Author: Sean Arseo
Added On: July 11, 2015 @ 10:47 PM
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Since the beginning of time, man has often wondered what the meaning of dreams were. Some believe they are prophecy. Others, the mind's way of dealing with the stress of life. And yet some believe that the dreams we have are actually reality, and what we call being awake is the dream.

All Jason Smith knows about dreams, however, is that he wishes he could escape the dreams.


Project Gemini follows the story of Jason Smith, a young man who is caught in a never-ending loop of dreams and an altered reality. Cut off from the real world for weeks by his room being moved to a strange dimension, he finds himself no longer able to tell what is real and what is the dream. This short game will feature:

-Some custom tilesets
-Awake/Dream Cycles
-Around 1hr of gameplay
-Voice acting

Made using GG Maker. Game is part mystery, part visual novel, part horror game.

Alternate Download Link (via Engine001/GG Maker Homepage)

In case there is any confusion...

Movement = WASD
Interact = E
Quit Game Screen = ESC