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The Beetle's Red Berry

The Beetle's Red Berry

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Genre: Adventure
Author: Nathan Pannell
Added On: July 12, 2015 @ 12:32 AM
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【The Beetle's Red Berry】

(UPDATE) Download is now available! There will still be some minor updates before the deadline later today, but it's very playable!

Can you successfully retreive a red berry for a hungry beetle?

In the world of hand photographed close-ups of plants and foliage, a forest spirit aids a small hungry beetle in obtaining a berry from the highest branches. Explore through the tropical flowers, weird plants, and entangled branches to find and retreive the red berry.


The game is written in Java with LibGDX, and is currently available for PC and Android (Android is glitchy. Doesn't work on all devices). I don't own a Mac, so, no iOS. I'm using Spriter for sprite animations and Trixt0r's Java implementation.

The game is a point-and-click adventure/puzzle, where the goal is to locate and bring a tasty red berry to a hungry beetle. The bugs in the forest communicate amonst each other to accomplish this task, by removing pesky roly-poly's, and cutting holes in plants.

STATUS: FINISHED. Go play it and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Known issues: There are a few oddities to the game that are not game breaking, but with a bit more time I could probably fix pretty quickly.

  1. If a creature is facing to the left and you leave and re-enter the room, the creature will be upside-down. That's a result of not having a static variable saving whether it's flipped or not.
  2. If you click around too fast while switching creatures, there's a chance the game could get confused as to where you actually want to go with which creature. This may result in a creature moving to a location normally inaccesible. Solution: click more slowly. Wait until the creature has reached it's location before telling it where to go.
  3. If the game crashes for any reason, your save file may not have been updated properly when it crashed. Unfortunately, if this happens, you could get stuck and not be able to continue with your save. Solution: After a crash, unfortunately, you have to delete your save file (the folder named: "redberry" in the same folder as the game jar). I've tried to minimize the number of crashes as best as I can, but there inevitably are some circumstances that I haven't come across yet, which you might.
  4. Don't mess with the save files if you want a vanilla experience. Otherwise, have fun with it. The save files are just Json copies of the rooms, and can be tampered with all you want. If you delete the savefiles, the rooms wil return to their vanilla state.
  5. To restart your game, delete your save file. (the folder called "redberry" in the same folder as the game jar)


Nathan P: Programmer, Photographer

Taylor P: Artist