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Mr. John Doe

Mr. John Doe
Mr. John Doe
Mr. John Doe
Mr. John Doe

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Genre: Adventure
Author: Morgan Tomfohr
Added On: July 12, 2015 @ 1:42 PM
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A man riddled with strange ailments decides to see an alternative therapist to finally cure him. 

Following the doctor's theory, the man is hypnotized into a dimension where the physical and mental planes intersect. There, he must search through his own afflicted body to unlock and confront the psychological roots of his problems--thus fixing himself.

But the procedure doesn't go quite as planned...

    • All graphics and music are original
    • Minimalist isometric maps with gorgeous color schemes
    • Unique psychological thriller story
    • Fight against monstrous mental projections
    • Explore bizarre worlds to find keys that unlock new areas

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