Bloody Repression is a strategic RPG with tactical turn-based battle sytem. In this game you will

Galactic Strike Intercept

Galactic Strike Intercept is an arcade vertical shooter, more specifically it's a bullet hell. As a pilot of the SDAU - Space Defence & Attack Unit, your mission is to destroy the hostile alien...

The Ladder

The Ladder is a procedurally generated platformer with 4 Level with challenging obstacles and cool abilities. Play: Play in your browser here!

The Astronaut

The story of an astronaut, alone on his last mission, as he remembers what he has left behind.

2D Farmer

2D Farmer... a growing sensation! (Growth, get it? xD) Created in 7 days with Construct 2 (Started when I got the 7 days left email) 7 Plant types

Ninja Climb

You are a Ninja in training and your last test is to navigate through the 12 caves and escape before the lava consumes you. Instructions “Arrow&rdquo...

The Sounding Sea

The Sounding Sea is a (very) short jRPG about the man seeking the way to ressurect his dead wife.


Hello! We thought we'd join this year's IGMC to try our hand out at PC development, because we've only really done mobile before. Totem is an action RPG with platforming elements inspired by PS1 cl...

The Wastes

a post-apocalyptic game about a gun for hire named James. sadly since i had a fever during most of the game's development some parts were removed until im able to make the full game. like a city wa...

StadtMeister: The Growth of a City

In StadtMeister: The Growth of a City, your goal is to build your own city and let it grow! It is the sequel to StadtMeister II: Desert City Builder. The game has a included tutoria...