ROOTEDNESSHelp a plant growth , guiding his root  trough obstacles , sorting rocks , think where  growth to achieve the water . Controls...

Inu Ina

A Hungry Shiba Inu named Ina who's just one hungry dog. Her goal is just to eat as much as possible, but ghosts and fleas are just getting in her way!  ---

We Must

We have arrived at a new planetoid. We must dig. We must multiply. We must survive. You are tasked with harvesting the resources of our new home. You are our brave leader. We have placed ou...

Temple's Night

As a paranormal investigator, Aurora decides that it'll make a great story if she can survive the supposedly haunted temple in the Kathian Mountains. Piece of cake, right?

Crimson dragon Episode I

Prepare yourself for an adventure both familiar and new.

Three Kings and the Cat

A semi-spooky adventure about a cat who goes on surreal adventures in an abandoned house undergoing renovation.

Beyond Journey

Welcome to Beyond Journey, a little shooter with big potential. Beyond Journey is a 2D sandbox space shooter made to be cute, upsetting, and even a little pretty. Journey Media...


Note: This is a contest version of the game. For the official version, please go to the link below. ENTROPY is a surreal RPG maker game with custom m...

Tales Across Time

Tales Across Time is comprised of three 'short-stories', told using traditional RPG mechanics. Each tale takes place in the same location, but separated by hundreds of years. In th...