2D Farmer

2D Farmer... a growing sensation! (Growth, get it? xD) Created in 7 days with Construct 2 (Started when I got the 7 days left email) 7 Plant types

The Astronaut

The story of an astronaut, alone on his last mission, as he remembers what he has left behind.

The Ladder

The Ladder is a procedurally generated platformer with 4 Level with challenging obstacles and cool abilities. Play: Play in your browser here!

Galactic Strike Intercept

Galactic Strike Intercept is an arcade vertical shooter, more specifically it's a bullet hell. As a pilot of the SDAU - Space Defence & Attack Unit, your mission is to destroy the hostile alien...


Bloody Repression is a strategic RPG with tactical turn-based battle sytem. In this game you will

Once Upon a Beanstalk

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick...       Once Upon a Beanstalk aims to give a spin on things in a retro feel dungeon crawler come roguelike come adventure novel


THE STORYThese are dark and troubled times. The four primal forces, fire, water, earth and air, which were kept in balance by the four...

In Sanity

In Sanity

Tini Space Port

In Tini Space Port, humanity has set to the starts on a Stamford Torus in order to find a new world. After generations finally, the day has come. The Torus just several hundred thousand kilometers...

Crystal Fate

When the world is consumed by chaos and an unavoidable sacrifice is made, it is up to Rachel to decide the fate of the world and her very own destiny. Embark on an unforgetable adventu...