Crimson dragon Episode I

Prepare yourself for an adventure both familiar and new.

Temple's Night

As a paranormal investigator, Aurora decides that it'll make a great story if she can survive the supposedly haunted temple in the Kathian Mountains. Piece of cake, right?

We Must

We have arrived at a new planetoid. We must dig. We must multiply. We must survive. You are tasked with harvesting the resources of our new home. You are our brave leader. We have placed ou...

Inu Ina

A Hungry Shiba Inu named Ina who's just one hungry dog. Her goal is just to eat as much as possible, but ghosts and fleas are just getting in her way!  ---


ROOTEDNESSHelp a plant growth , guiding his root  trough obstacles , sorting rocks , think where  growth to achieve the water . Controls...


I, for one, like Roman numerals. The name of the game is called Chairo! It means Joy, or happiness according to Strong's Concordance on Ancient Greek. I created this game, hoping that it mi...

Lonely Island

Perhaps more suited for an "aimless exploration" category, "Lonely Island" takes the player on a meandering journey where they can progress at their own pace, or literally sit back and watch the wo...


Persephone is a short story game based on a modern retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth. Persephone discovers that her sheltered farm life isn't the entire world like she believed and that th...

Prime Party: Project 1955

Hey guys, I just wanted to say, thank you IGMC for hosting this contest. And while making this game it was a big challenge!

After the Growth

After insane growing of economy the society collapse.The gap between rich and poor grew with it.Now the world is on war.the powerful found a substance that made want to loss.