Within Darkness

Controls: Arrow keys, Z (accept) & X (cancel)Within Darkness is a tactical game where you take control of Sebastien, a man possessed by a demon. The game features a dark, intriguing...


Bloody Repression is a strategic RPG with tactical turn-based battle sytem. In this game you will


Nerius is an arcade game with action & strategy elements. The objective is to catch colored items in order to score points and progress to your goal!


Given a starting value and position in the maze, try and navigate your way to the end using the math operations around you. Web: http://mathemazics.com

Rebels of Cosmos

In the year 3028 an organization known as the Armada took control of the systems in the universe. You play as Zane Cosmos, a young boy who's father was the Armada's public enemy number one. Wh...

Explorer: Temple

This new game by UGamer brings in aspects of a new type of game. This heavily puzzle based temple game sees the main character ‘Edwin Chapman’ discover a lost temple. The temple is base...

Zombie Ablockalypse

ARRRGGH! Marines, Get Ready - Blast, dodge use tactics, strategy and quick reflexes to get the infection under control in this fast furious dual control action-fest where no one dies!

A Fading Dream


Trinity Case

Hi everyone ! So let me introduce you to Trinity Case, a game made by two IT students with stencyl and PainToolSai.We both are really fan of show like Dexter or Criminal M...


Our story begins in Marlins house; who is Marlin you ask? Well Marlin is a talented wizard, powerful beyond compare. Sure he's forgetful, careless and messy but that's not importa...