The story is about a boy that found himself in a strange world filled with puzzles and puppet monsters. He must find his heart and the memories he lost, save for the memories of his mother. He meet...

Jigoku 10 - Chapter 0

GAME TITLE : Jigoku TEN - Chapter 0 (Ver. 1.5a - OB) SERIES : Ji...

Dungeon Sounds

About the game DungeonSounds is a muscial adventure through dark passages and spine-chilling catacombs. Use your music to proceed, cast powerfull magic and discover secrets...

Sir Ninja Alot

Download it here(2016): https://www.dropbox.com/s/1bmso677xhi4vly/Sir%20Ninja%20Alot.exe?dl=0

The King In Yellow

THE KING IN YELLOW a psychological horror game by Dimitris Kalyvas

Star Ascent

A fallen star named Sammy needs your help to get back to his friends in the skies! Use upgrades and skill to help him re-unite with his pals!

In Sanity

In Sanity

Guiding Light

In Guiding Light the player begins as just one single speck of light. But by navigating through the debris more lights are found. Each light collected adds to the swarm, and the swarm of dancing li...

The Cave of Gainos

A Little About The Game: The Cave of Gainos is a Puzzle-Adventure game, where you have to find your way through a confusing labyrinth in order to find "The Treasure of Gain...

Adventure : NEXT

(AVAILABLE NOW) In a world of the past, you play as Yellow on his quest through three stages of time to stop the Time-Eater, Era, from destroying generation after generation. Close...