Temple's Night

As a paranormal investigator, Aurora decides that it'll make a great story if she can survive the supposedly haunted temple in the Kathian Mountains. Piece of cake, right?

Lonely Island

Perhaps more suited for an "aimless exploration" category, "Lonely Island" takes the player on a meandering journey where they can progress at their own pace, or literally sit back and watch the wo...


Can you change your fate?

Resonate ~call out my angel~

A girl wakes alone in a forest, a voice telling her to nurture The Tree in order to regain her memories and return home. She and her 2 newfound friends are set to do so, as none of them have even t...

Runtime Error!

Runtime Error! is a side-scrolling action shooter with platformer elements by Wasted Seagull Games. A dangerous and never-before-seen v...


Warning! This game will make you ragequit! SnowGrow is a platformer in which you navigate your growing snowball through floors of perilous obstacles. Reach the next floor before you're too...

What's In A Game? - Platformer

Welcome to What's In A Game? - Platformer, I am the console, and I've been programmed to run you through a set of simulations. There are many types of Platform Games out there; and many of...

Fishing Sim: Keep or Release

The fish need your help to grow as big as they can. In


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Outsmart Outsmart is a didactic puzzle game in which the player has to lure a robot into a trap, using the robot's own learning abilities against itself.