Mechanical Mansion

MECHANICAL MANSION was a state-of-the-art haunted house that mysteriously closed years ago...

Duck and Blocks

(No download required) 3D platformer/collect-a-thon

Xintana Legends

 A world between dreams and chaos is unleashed, and restoring the ancestral powers within you will help to bring peace into a world dominated by shadows!

Slomo Jumper

***BE QUICK*** Super awesome beats with chilling thrill can make anyone hungry for this game. Follow the Master Pink to stay alive when the world is fall...

Flower Child

DescriptionFlower Child is the story of Meadow, a carefree, young spirit who suddenly finds herself lost beneath the pastures she once wandered. Rife with narrow cliffs and s...

Baby Boy

Story Two scientists in a teleport lab have love.Then they marry and have one son.  Accident of  naughty. Baby into teleport mac...

To The Core

When something grow, we always curious that what is inside the core. Why don't you guys find out !? Journey through mystery dimension to the core Brought you by VrTechEntertainment

What's In A Game? - Platformer

Welcome to What's In A Game? - Platformer, I am the console, and I've been programmed to run you through a set of simulations. There are many types of Platform Games out there; and many of...

Dangerous Balls

Hi, This is a great game about a guy called Guy. He needs to save his willage from the Evel Ball Wizard!!! This is my first game ever and I have never used Multimedia Fusion 2 befor...

Crazy Jumper

A platformer jumping game.  Any key to jump. The more screws you get the more you grow up!. Get the electric barrier too!. Enjoy...;)