Duck and Blocks

(No download required) 3D platformer/collect-a-thon

Mechanical Mansion

MECHANICAL MANSION was a state-of-the-art haunted house that mysteriously closed years ago...

Oh! I'm gettin' taller!

In a grey world full of adults who just care about their business, youngsters tend to daydream and delve deep into their own fantasy realms.

Dragon Tail

Name: Dragon TailType: 2D PlatformerTool: Game Maker StudioAuthor: G_Sholar Game Description:


A group of scientists landed...


Story:     In our world there is an ancient secret organization hidden deep in its core that balances the scale of good and evil. Eve...

Valley of Stars

Description A game set in perpetual darkness, the only way to traverse the lands is through tiny remnants of lights left by a wishing star and a companion who hopes to retu...


Oh mighty Odin! Some flithy organic has misplaced three of your precious RunesScripts! RuneScript of Good and Evil RuneScript of Intelligence Run...

The Night of Dissolution

Story: The Night of Dissolution is a tale between two lovers torn apart by the return of the King of Darkness. As Frank and Julia enjoyed a pleasant stroll within the fores...


Planterra - The "Plantformer"