Run! Run Black!! Run!!!

Hi and thanks to all, this is a full and complete flash game made with stencyl. You can play it via browser or download it, for download the file right click on link and save the destinatio...

Honeymoon Escape

Honeymoon Escape is a platforming game where a newly wed couple are on their honey moon. Or so it would seem until someone take down their plane and imprisons them. It is up to them to work togethe...

Lopez & Mendoza in the Tower of Doom

Each time the timer goes down to zero the tower grows and you will have to traverse another level. Not everything is what it seems.

Piggie Star Adventure

Piggie Star Adventure is a bright and colorful platformer. It's simple to play and is inspired by classic Mario and Kirby games.


Introduction: Emergency Studios is an independent game studio which consists of Joshua Hale, Guillaume Stutin, and Moses McKenzie. We are working on our new and...


A simple platformer, with strong, cryptic themes about life, death, and the scars it leaves.Warning:

Duck and Blocks

(No download required) 3D platformer/collect-a-thon


Play as RED,One half torn away from his previous selfFind your other half BLUE in this simple black & white Platform...

Disco Knight: First Dance

Disco Knight: First Dance Disco Knight combines elements from Infinite Runners, Shmups, Platformers and Rhythm games in one swinging package. The tempo of the backing mus...