You have died. But you don't want to be dead. Time to escape from hell, get those lost souls, open that gate and collect flame souls to grow your inner flam...


First Game! ;p

Below The Grey Forest Lies: The Soul Botanist

“Forever had always seemed like a peaceful thought. To escape the grips of father time and live eternally. However, forever is a sinister spire that has left me constantly searching for the v...

To The Core

When something grow, we always curious that what is inside the core. Why don't you guys find out !? Journey through mystery dimension to the core Brought you by VrTechEntertainment

Slomo Jumper

***BE QUICK*** Super awesome beats with chilling thrill can make anyone hungry for this game. Follow the Master Pink to stay alive when the world is fall...

Arcane Apple Basket

Arcane Apple Basket is a game about running around and shooting things with a bow. You play as an archer who is searching for apples to give to a talking beast.

Balls Of War II (Demo)

This is the sequel to a game I made for a previous competition. Features: -Gradient graphics on most sprites (Generally makes them look a bit better) -2 Player Co-Op and det...

Hungry Man

Hungry Man is an action puzzle platformer in a slightly retro style.  Original idea from my 8 year old who helped (and hindered the development process). In the game, the evil Doctor P...

Tartarus: Arena

Tartarus: Arena is a platformer in which you fight skeletons in order to escape the desloate prison of Tartarus.

Country Ball Run

Country Ball Run is a humourous endless runner made using the country ball meme as playing characters. You can choose from five differ...