Poverty Line

Poverty Line Poverty Line is a poverty simulation. You take the role of a main character who is challenged everyday by an inability to find a steady job. This game combin...

StadtMeister: The Growth of a City

In StadtMeister: The Growth of a City, your goal is to build your own city and let it grow! It is the sequel to StadtMeister II: Desert City Builder. The game has a included tutoria...

Golf Course Hero

Do you think you have what it takes to become General Manager of West Point Golf Club?

Ridiculous History

Summary Ridiculous History is set in a strategy simulation world where you're in control. If you want to research explosives before you even have paper currency, go right a...


When his girlfriend leaves him for "not being a big enough man," our hero snaps and, drastically misunderstanding, embarks on a journey to GET MASSIVE.


Synopsis: You're applying for


Live the life of a man from childhood to death.  Find love, win the big game, disappoint your parents.  Your path is up to you.


"Afterlife" is a business simulation game with beautiful photorealistic hand-painted graphics, exciting music and unexpected twists. It contains rage, shooting and death. Lots of death. It is diffe...


Story You've finally made it through colleg...

Your Call

It's short simulation game in which you are a soldier flying in drone. Your mission is to find an enemy and eliminate him. It won't be so easy as it sounds. We've got also problems and twists which...